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Rightsizing for GCP Compute Engine

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Resource optimization recommendations are now available for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Compute Engine virtual machine instances.   This includes both Rightsizing and Idle (Terminate) recommendations and provides you the ability to easily view these recommendations across multiple projects in a single pane.   



To enable this feature, please ensure you have granted the appropriate permissions as listed here:

  1. Enable Advanced Features for GCP Projects
  2. Optional but recommended, to improve the quality of recommendations, install the Cloud Monitoring agent

To verify this, navigate to Settings > Vendor Credentials > GCP.  From here, ensure the Advanced Features column for each project has a green checkmark.   Investigate and correct any that are not green.



Using Recommendations

Once enabled, on a daily basis, we will surface recommendations for virtual machines that can be optimized and/or terminated.

To view these recommendations, navigate to Optimize > Rightsizing > GCP.  Once there you will be presented with a list of recommendations.  



On this page, you can see the total estimated savings opportunities for terminating idle resources and rightsizing over-provisioned instances.

From the grid, you will see:

  • Resource Name - the friendly resource name.
  • Account Name - the GCP project name
  • Region - the region where the resource resides
  • Current Instance Size - SKU of current instance size
  • New - Recommended new instance size, or Terminate for Idle resources
  • Action - either Rightsize or Terminate
  • Cost Savings - the estimated 30-day cost savings amount.

Additionally, clicking the details button or verticle ellipses will take you to the details panel:



If a resource has both a Rightsize and Terminate recommendation, they will both be displayed on this page.



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