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Frontdoor API: Create a user

Purpose - Create a user.

URL - Select the URL for your location:


Method - POST

JSON parameters:

Parameter Description
domain The authentication domain to assign to the user.
login Login for the user.
email Email of the user.
full (Optional) Full name of the user.
id (Optional) universally unique identifier (UUID) of the user. Defaults to a random UUID.
active (Optional) Active status of the user. Defaults to TRUE.
accountType (Optional) Account type of the user. Defaults to STANDARD.
password (Optional) Password of the user. Defaults to an empty value.
forcePwdChange (Optional) Boolean flag that forces the user to change their password during the next login. Defaults to FALSE.


Headers - Pass apptio-opentoken header received as a response from the authentication call. See Basic authentication using user name and password. (For security reasons, this link requires TBM credentials).


Optional query parameters -

Parameter Description
sendEmail Boolean flag specifying whether an email should be sent to the user. Defaults to TRUE. This parameter is ignored when the authorizing domain is enabled for a single sign-on (SSO).



  • Identification of the user (optional parameter) must be unique
  • Login of the user must be unique and a valid email address
  • Email of the user must be a valid email address 

Required permissions:

The caller must have permissions to create users in the authentication domain specified.

  • If the user is to be created in the same authentication domain as the caller, then the caller must have the manageUser permission in any environment in that authentication domain.
  • If the user is to be created in an authentication domain that is different from the caller's authentication domain, then the caller must have the manageDomainUsers permission in the environment of that authentication domain.


Sample request:

POST /api/user HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Apptio-opentoken: *****************************************************************************************
"login": "[YOUR_LOGIN_HERE]",
"domain": "acme",
"password": "[YOUR_PASSWORD_HERE]"


Return codes:

HTTP Status Code Reason
201 User created
400 Invalid data submitted
403 You don't have the required permissions to perform this operation


Response class (success):

  "id": "<string>",
  "login": "<string>",
  "active": <true/false>,
  "full": "<string>",
  "email": "<string>",
  "forcePwdChange": <true/false>,
  "domain": "<string>",
  "failedLoginCount": <int>,
  "createdBy": "<string>",
  "updatedBy": "<string>",
  "accountType": "STANDARD",
  "external": <true/false>,
  "accountStatus": "<string>"

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