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Frontdoor API: Authentication via API keys

Purpose - Authenticate a local user account to log in using Application Programming Interface (API) keys.


URL - Select the URL for your location:


Method - POST

JSON parameters:

Parameter Description
keyAccess The public access key to use for a login
keySecret The secret key to use for a login


Sample request:

POST /service/nonuilogin HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json
"keyAccess": "[your_access_key_loginID]",
"keySecret": "[your_secret_key_loginID]"


Return codes:

HTTP Status Code Reason
200 Login successful.
400 Invalid request data submitted. Unable to log the user in.


Response - Open token for user authentication via the return header: apptio-opentoken 

NOTE: When using API keys, make sure that the API key is granted access to the environment you are trying to work with. See Overview of API keys and FAQ.

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