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Supplemental: About Azure Resource Group Tags

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Task: Enable access to resource group tag information to support cost allocation activities.

Using Azure resource group tags has become a popular primary allocation mechanism with large Azure users. It overcomes the dual problems of low tag coverage and the fact that Azure doesn't report back tag information for all resource types. Resource group tags don't natively appear in the detailed billing information and therefore it's necessary to grant additional access as specified on this page.

Cloudability has a tag inheritance model for Azure: if an individual resource has a particular tag in the detailed billing data we will use that first to populate our analytics platform. If that tag doesn't appear in the billing data for that resource Cloudability will then query the resource group it belongs to and pull the tag information from there. If the tag doesn't exist on the resource group we will consider it as "(not set)". This applies only to tags that have been mapped within the platform.


To enable collection and processing of resource group tags, follow the steps here to credential your subscriptions.

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