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Setup Overview Guide - Advanced Features

Introduction and Layout

The purpose of this guide is to help walk you through the process of credentialing your projects to enable Cloudability's Advanced Features. If your organization has multiple GCP projects, then this process must be repeated for each project for which you would like to enable Advanced Features.

The process, at a high-level,

  1. Review prerequisites here
  2. Add a new project credential
    • Enable Advanced Features for a project
  3. Run script
    • Cloudability uses your project ID to generate a shell script that uses IAM to
      1. add a custom role to your project
      2. add Cloudability's Service Account as a member of your project with that custom role
  4. Verify credentials
    • Verify that Advanced Features have been enabled for the project
  5. Enabling additional Advanced Features
    • Covers what to do when Cloudability releases support for more Advanced Features

Add a New Project Credential

The following steps will help you get started on enabling Advanced Features for a project. You will be required to run a script within your gcloud shell. This script provisions Cloudability's Service Account with the permissions necessary to support Advanced Features.

1. An 'x' in a project's details pane indicates that Advanced Features have not been enabled.


2. To enable Advanced Features for a GCP project, go to Vendor Credentials, select the GCP tab, and click on the edit icon for a specific project.


3. Click on Download Script.


4. Select Keep if your browser prompts you with a warning when downloading the shell script


Run Script

To run the script, please refer to the Run Script section of the Setup Overview Guide - Billing.

Verify Credentials

1. Click Verify Credentials and look for the checkmark.


2. Click on Details to verify that the project has the necessary permissions for Advanced Features.




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