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New Containers Visualization

See below for key updates with the new visualization. 



Unallocated is now Idle

Unallocated wasn't quite the right word to indicate resources in a cluster that weren't being utilized. We have changed this to Idle. The underlying data is exactly the same. For the time being, the naming in the API and export remains unchanged.


New Utilized Column in Data Table

We've added "utilized" in the data table so you can see the portion of your overall cost that went toward actual usage. Previously we only showed Total and Idle. 


Disk is now Filesystem

The name Disk wasn't clear enough to indicate what resources we were accounting for here. We have changed this to Filesystem, to make clear we're indicating usage of container filesystem with this data point.


Network RX and TX

Usage of Network RX and TX is now in the data table. This was previously only available in the export or API.


Detail Panel Changes

Rather than showing the percent of resource share over time in the detail panel, we're now showing the actual usage over time of CPU, Memory, Filesystem, and Network RX/TX.






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