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Navigation Update (Fall 2018)

We are releasing an improvement to the way customers navigate features within Cloudability. This is a visual update to the navigation, information architecture, and visual design of the platform. No features have been changed. We're simply making it easier to find and navigate the platform.

Over the past 12 months, we've released a number of new capabilities within the platform. We've focused on delivering the most innovative ways our customers can manage their cloud costs and realize savings based on our recommendations.

As the platform has grown, the way we've organized features has remained the same. This update provides a better way to find and navigate our core features.  

This update is meant to accomplish three goals:

  1. Organize capabilities to convey our expertise and best practices in cloud cost management.
  2. Allow customers to more quickly locate, understand, and discover new capabilities as we expand the platform.
  3. Provide more flexibility in how we organize features going forward.

Please find a detailed explanation and a preview of the changes below. We think you'll find this improvement makes the app easier to navigate and use.

Please reach out to with any comments, feedback, or suggestions. 

Analytics to Insights


One of the more noticeable changes you'll see is the organization of features that were previously found under the Analyze section. Features like True Cost Explorer, Tag Explorer, and Containers are now grouped under Insights. Unlike Dashboard Widgets and Reports, Insights provides actionable visualizations that are easy to understand at first glance without a lot of complex configuration. You can use Insights to get a quick glance at how your tagging strategy is working in Tag Explorer or to see a diagram showing cloud spend across vendors and services in True Cost Explorer.



Creating Views, Tagging, building Account Groups and soon, organizing resources into Collections, are the foundation to accuracy in reports and dashboard widgets. We've consolidated these tools in a more visible and central area of the navigation so that customers can quickly curate resources for more precise analysis.



Our Budget, Forecasting, and Estimate capabilities are some of the most powerful tools in the platform to understand a customer's cloud spend. We've provided direct links from the main navigation to each of these capabilities so customers can quickly see changes in their plan, view the current estimate, or modify their budgets.



Our optimization tools provide customers with visibility into their resources so they can make intelligent adjustments to their RI strategy, save money by rightsizing their resources, or place resources under automation for smart scheduling. We've kept these powerful tools within the Optimize section of the navigation and will continue to invest in new capabilities to allow customers to make smart, informed cost-saving decisions.

Dashboards and Reports


At the core of our platform are the most powerful analysis and visualization tools in the industry. Dashboards and reports allow customers to tailor views to metrics and dimensions to gain clear visibility into the cost and utilization changes of their fleet over time. Reports will now live in a prominent location under the Home icon along with the customer's preferred Dashboard. Navigating to Starred Dashboards is now done in the toolbar menu on the My Dashboard page.

We've made one minor change to the Reports destination based on customer feedback. The Reports link in the main navigation will now filter the Reports landing page to Starred Reports. We made this improvement to reduce the overall number of irrelevant reports on the page and to nudge users to begin curating their favorite reports by Starring them. More to come in this area of overall curation and organizing in the coming year. Customers can still navigate to All Reports by clicking the filter on the Reports landing page.

Settings and Preferences


In order to maintain consistency with the overall navigation structure and to expose areas of the platform that have had previously been difficult to find, we've brought settings over to the left sidebar and consolidated Credentials setup, User management, and Single Sign-On configuration under one Settings navigation label. Personal user preferences will remain in the top right of the header below the user avatar.

New Navigation Mapping

Navigating to features in Cloudability is now done from a collapsible navigation panel on the left side of the application. The blue header changed to white and Configuration options have moved under Settings in the left navigation.


We think these updates will improve findability, the overall usability of the platform, and lay a solid foundation for many more innovative capabilities to come in the future. We'll continue to work to bring customers the most timely, comprehensive, and actionable cloud management data available.

Thank you for choosing Cloudability.

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