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Setup Overview Guide

This guide will help you setup your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) credentials in order for Cloudability to start ingesting your billing data.


Before we can begin the process, there are a few things you need to do in your GCP console.

Export your billing data to BigQuery

This is the preferred method for allowing us to access the data. Google has a tutorial called Export Billing Data to BigQuery in their documentation that thoroughly describes how to do this.

Create a Service Account and Generate a JSON Key

  1. In your GCP Console, select the project (from the GCP tutorial above) where your GCP BigQuery Billing Export lives

  2. Open the Menu drawer if it's not already open (top left corner)

  3. Select IAM Roles & admin

  4. Create a new Service Account that we can use to access your BigQuery Billing Table (Note: Make sure to follow the next step after selecting "Create Service Account") 

  5. Before finalizing the Service Account creation, we need to grant it the appropriate privileges (BigQuery Data Viewer and BigQuery Job User) and Generate a new JSON Key


Cloudability Setup

After you've completed the GCP configuration (Enabling the Billing Data Export, Creating a Service Account and Generating your JSON Key), you'll be ready to add your new GCP credentials in Cloudability.

Adding GCP Credentials

  1. Select the Gear Icon in the top right and under App Settings, select Vendor Credentials

  2. Select GCP tab, above the toolbar

  3. If this is the first time adding GCP credentials to Cloudability and you have created a Service Account and generated a JSON Key, select "Yes, I'm ready"

  4. Proceed to Step 2 to Enter your Billing Export Information and upload your JSON Key file

    • Tips: Where to get your Billing Export Table Name and Data Set ID in your GCP console
      • Billing Export Table gcp_billing_export_table_name_copy.png
      • Data Set ID (copy the portion after the project name and colon)gcp_dataset_ID_new_UI__1_.png
  5. After entering your Billing Export Table, Billing Export Dataset and uploading your JSON Key you'll want to select Save, completing the process and adding your new credential to Cloudability's system


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