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New RI Recommendations for RDS, Redshift, and ElastiCache

RI Recommendations for EC2,
RDS, Redshift, and ElastiCache

We've made some big updates to our Reserved Instance Planner, to help you uncover new savings opportunities and better visualize the potential savings. 


  • RDS, Redshift, and ElastiCache recommendations to uncover more savings opportunities.
  • Convertible and Region EC2 recommendations to let you plan purchases using the latest RI offerings from AWS.
  • EC2 Savings Comparison Matrix helps you easily compare the 8 different ways to purchase EC2 RIs depending on your savings goals and business needs.
  • Updated Planner Options to declutter the UI and offer more guidance on settings.
  • Updated Details page shows you more information about the planned purchase, with side-by-side comparisons of On-Demand vs Reserved costs.
  • Updated XLS export includes details on the new Services and EC2 Attributes.

Note: make sure you (or your Cloudability Admin) have updated to our latest AWS IAM Policy in order to see recommendations for RDS, Redshift, and ElastiCache. Instructions to update both your Payer and each Linked Account can be found here:


Detailed Changes: 

Tabs for each Product - EC2, RDS, Redshift, and ElastiCache

  • Quickly switch between services to see where the savings are -- if we don't have any recommendations for a particular service, its tab will be grayed out.
  • Each tab has sub-navigation, breaking out the recommended RI plan into separate pages:
    • EC2 has 3 sub-tabs: Buy, Modify, and Underutilized
    • The others have 2 sub-tabs: Buy and Underutilized (AWS currently does not offer modifications for RDS, Redshift, or ElastiCache)


RI Planner Options moved to the sidebar

  • To declutter the UI and focus on savings, we've moved most of the Planner's options into the sidebar -- accessible by clicking the yellow wrench icon at the top of the page, or by clicking the RI Options or Filters on the toolbar.
  • Within the sidebar, you will get different options for each product, with EC2 having the most. Here you can determine:
    • Region or Availability Zone scope - do you prefer flexibility or reserving capacity?
    • Standard or Convertible class - do you prefer deeper savings or more flexibility?
    • Whether or not to include RI modification recommendations in your plan - we advise it, in order to maximize savings and not buy extra RIs.
    • And more...
  • The Account chooser remains on the toolbar -- but we've made it more useful by automatically selecting your first Payer Account when the page loads. 


EC2 Savings Comparison Matrix

  • Amazon provides several options when purchasing EC2 Reserved Instances, each offering a different level of commitment, flexibility, and savings. This matrix lets you quickly compare each side-by-side, and select your preferred combination to generate a recommended purchase plan.
  • Access this feature using the "COMPARE" button on the EC2 tab's toolbar.
  • The Comparison tool retains all of the options you've selected in the sidebar - whether or not to include associated RI Mods in your purchase plan, Region or AZ scoped RIs, etc.


XLS Export

  • An XLS export is available for each service, where EC2 has 3 tabs, while RDS, Redshift, and ElastiCache have 2 tabs (AWS only offers modifications for EC2)
  • The file has been updated with new columns for EC2, including Scope and Offering Class.


Details Page for Buys

  • No longer multiple tabs for different payment types (aggregate, partial upfront, heavy, etc) -- everything is one single aggregate Details page.
  • KPIs at the top of the page for each purchase plan: how many you already own, how many you can modify to reduce the upfront purchase, and how many you need to buy to reach the recommended total RIs.
  • The new Estimated Savings tables show key On-Demand vs Reserved costs side-by-side.
  • Tables to show you the details of:
    • The RIs you need to buy
    • RIs that you can modify to cover part of this purchase for better savings.
    • Any existing RIs you already own, and their expiration date.


AWS IAM Policy Update

  • Make sure you (or your Cloudability Admin) have updated to our latest AWS IAM Policy in order to see recommendations for RDS, Redshift, and ElastiCache. Instructions to update both your Payer and each Linked Account can be found here: 
  • The Last update was for RI Amortization in July 2016; if you have updated since then, you should be all set!
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