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Setup Overview Guide

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Integrating your AWS account(s) with our platform is a two-stage process. First, you will setup Billing Reports for us to ingest cost and usage data (read-only) for each payer account, which also automatically includes all associated linked accounts’ cost and usage data. Second, you’ll set up access to AWS APIs for each linked account.

Migrating existing user credentials to Roles?




Creating New Credentials

Stage 1: Add Consolidated Account 15-20 min. setup, 4-24 hrs. until cost data first appears in Cloudability

  • Create S3 Bucket: To store your data
  • Enable Billing Reports: To generate cost and usage data
  • Enable tags for Billing Reports: To give more visibility into spend
  • Generate Access Credentials: To allow us to access S3 bucket to ingest the Billing Reports

Repeat to add more payer accounts. To setup Linked accounts, continue to Stage 2.

Stage 2: Add Linked Account Data 10 min. setup
Your consolidated account will show linked accounts, but without AWS API data (when Stage 1 is complete). Continue below to connect AWS API data to your linked accounts.

  • Create new AWS Cloudability role: To create a policy for AWS API data permissions
  • Generate Access Credentials: To allow us to access AWS APIs to view utilization data

Repeat to add more linked accounts.


Migrating existing user credentials to Roles?


You'll notice a yellow underline under the accounts that have existing user credentials. The setup process for migrating these credentials is the same as it is for adding new credentials, but you'll simply edit your existing credentials instead of creating new ones.

NOTE: Migrating to a Role is a one-way operation and cannot be undone. Please make sure you're ready to complete all setup steps for the account before proceeding.

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