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Total cost for EMR Jobs including EC2 instance costs

The total cost for an EMR job includes not only EMR charges but also the cost of the EC2 instances that the job uses. These reports will let you see the complete cost of the two.

For the EMR costs use a Resource ID of the job-flow-id. Optionally you can use a Product tag for "Amazon Elastic MapReduce".

For the EC2 costs, use the same resource ID but filter on the tag aws:elasticmapreduce:job-flow-id and optionally a Product name of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

These two reports together give you the total costs associated with running an EMR job.


Alternatively, you can group these datasets into a single Dashboard Widget. We'll use the same filters and build them into separate layers. 

Starting with EMR job costs by filtering on 'product name_equals_amazon elastic mapreduce' and the job identifier from the Resource ID Dimension, surfaced through a 'resource id_contains' filter:

Next, we'll need to add a layer to the Widget and filter to the EC2 instances powering the job. Start with 'product name_equals_amazon elastic compute cloud' and then the AWS EMR tag, which we've slightly renamed in Cloudability Tag Mapping:

If the EC2 instance component of your EMR job costs are higher than the EMR job itself, you can always drag and drop these Widget layers to display EC2 first. And don't forget to share scale between your data layers! 

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