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The Reservation Portfolio

The Reservation Portfolio provides a global view of all your Reservations from all linked accounts, across all payer accounts, in one convenient location. The list is sortable and filterable, and perhaps most importantly, shows the expiration date of each reservation so that you don’t get any surprise drops in coverage. 

Features include:

  • EC2, RDS, RedShift, and ElastiCache reservations
  • All RI offerings, including the new Convertible and Region-scoped reservations
  • All expired RIs, in case you need to see what was recently retired or look at your purchase history
  • All payment pending RIs (or payment failed RIs) to help troubleshoot
  • CSV export for sharing with colleagues or doing further analysis

To make it easy to keep tabs on expiring reservations, the Reservation Portfolio also lets you subscribe to a scheduled email alert—daily, weekly, or monthly—that warns of reservations set to retire in the next few weeks:

Customers can access this feature in the Planning section of our app.

For more information, read the Reserved Instance Portfolio blog post.

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