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Update Your AWS Account Name

When AWS accounts are configured, Cloudability will automatically use the existing name set for each account as a dimension for cost and usage reporting.

Some organizations may choose to adopt a descriptive or friendly naming standard across all their accounts to facilitate report and dashboard readability; especially when sharing data with users who aren't familiar with every AWS account and what it's responsible for.

To rename any of your AWS accounts, follow these steps:

1. login to your AWS console:


2. from the top-right dropdown list, select "My Account"


3. click to edit the "Account Setting" section​

4.​ ​click to edit the account name

5. enter the new account name and click "Save Changes"
6. logout from your AWS console then open a new session and confirm the name change has taken effect (sometimes the AWS console will continue to show the old name even after saving your change).

Once the name chance is complete, it may take up to 24 hours for it to be reflected in your AWS cost and usage data.

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