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Exporting Data from Cloudability

What is new?

We have updated the process for exporting data from the Cloudability app. Now when you click the Export button (see image below) on a Report in Analytics, we will generate a .csv file and email you a secure download link. This allows you to continue using the app without waiting for exported files to build and download.  


Why did we make the change?

As more and more data becomes available in our system, exporting files is taking longer for our customers. While we are constantly improving the performance of our app to match the pace of new data, this new process allows exports to run asynchronously from the app and not interfere with your workflow. This also makes the Cloudability app more flexible for future data projects on our roadmap.


I have a process that uses your .csv endpoint, is that going to break?

No, that endpoint is still active. If you have a Google Sheet, BI tool, or another system that pulls data from our API, it will not be affected by this change. There are future plans to deprecate the current endpoint, but we have not yet set a date for that and will communicate far in advance once we establish a timeline. If this feature is very important to your Cloudability experience, please let us know so that we can accommodate your needs in future updates to the new API.


Do you have future plans for the export process?

Yes, we have many plans to continue improving the data export process. This change was the first step to help customers with very large data sets.  We plan to improve this feature and extend this new export process to all parts of the app, as well as give you a centralized location to see your recent export history. We also have some planned UX improvements to make the process simpler when exporting small files that do not need to be generated asynchronously.

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