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Learn how to use Cloudability and get the most out of our cloud cost management tool.


Setup Overview Guide

*You must have an Enterprise Azure account to configure your Cloudability credential 

*An Azure EA portal admin should generate the API token; only the accounts they can access will be shared 

1. Log in to your Enterprise Azure portal and navigate to 


2. Copy the "Enrollment Number" in the upper-left-hand corner under "Enrollment Detail"

 3. As a Cloudability administrator, navigate to the Vendor Credentials page in Cloudability.


4. Click the big "+" sign in the upper right, then choose your cloud vendor (Microsoft Azure).

5. Paste the Enrollment Number from step 2 into the "Enrollment ID" field. 


6. Switch back to your Azure account and navigate to

7. Select "API Access Key" to the right of Advanced Report Download. 

8. Click the Key shaped icon next to the "Primary Key" box and copy the newly generated key.

9. Switch over to the Cloudability credential page again, paste the Primary Key into the "API Access Key" box and click "Save".


The Azure Credential box will turn green once it has been validated.


Please allow 8 hours for your cost and usage analytics to populate.

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