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Setup Guide & Overview

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Configuring Cloudability credentials to access Azure cost management data involves using the Azure Portal to export CSV formatted files that capture cost and usage data to Azure storage - then providing Cloudability access to that storage to read the data.


This process is similar to how AWS customers setup an AWS CUR .csv through their console and save it to S3 storage for Cloudability to read.


At a high level, the steps to be completed are: 

  1. setup CSV formatted billing data to be automatically exported to Azure storage on a daily basis
  2. provide Cloudability with information about your billing data setup from your Azure Portal
  3. provide Cloudability read-only access to the cost & usage data on your Azure storage


An example of the type of information Cloudability requires from the Azure Portal is listed below; help on how to find this information is in the setup documentation.

  • tenant id 
  • subscription id  
  • resource group name  
  • storage account name 
  • container name  
  • directory name
  • cost export name
  • amortized export name



Before you begin to setup Cloudability credentials, please confirm you are a Cloudability Administrator and meet the following requirements to successfully setup Cloudability credentials for Azure.

Ensure that you have one of the following Azure Active Directory roles in your organization: 

  • Global Administrator, or  
  • Application Developer, or  
  • Cloud Application Administrator


For the Azure portal, users must have permissions provided by one of these Azure scopes when attempting to create the billing data export:

  • Owner (can view/manage everything, including cost configuration)  
  • Contributor (can view/manage everything, including cost configuration, excluding access control)  
  • Cost Management Contributor (can view/manage cost configuration) 


For Azure Storage accounts: 

  • "write" permissions are required to change the configured storage account (regardless of permissions on the export) 
  • the storage account must be configured for blob or file storage. if possible, we recommend creating a new storage account dedicated to cost management data


Let’s get started

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