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API URL Glossary

Date ranges

Yesterday = start_date=yesterday at 00:00:00&end_date=yesterday at 23:59:59

This Week = start_date=beginning of week&end_date=23:59:59

Last Week = start_date=beginning of last week&end_date=end of last week

This Month = start_date=1st&end_date=23:59:59

Last Month = start_date=0 of last month&end_date=end of last month

This Quarter = start_date=beginning of quarter&end_date=23:59:59

Last Quarter = start_date=beginning of last quarter&end_date=end of last quarter

Last 7 Days = start_date=7 days ago at 00:00:00&end_date=23:59:59

Last 14 Days = start_date=14 days ago at 00:00:00&end_date=23:59:59

Last 30 Days = start_date=30 days ago at 00:00:00&end_date=23:59:59

Last 60 Days = start_date=60 days ago at 00:00:00&end_date=23:59:59

Last 90 Days = start_date=90 days ago at 00:00:00&end_date=23:59:59

Custom Date = start_date=2015-07-16&end_date=2015-09-02


Compare -


start_date=beginning of last week&end_date=end of last week&secondary_start_date=beginning of previous period&secondary_end_date=end of previous period


Cost Dimensions - &dimensions=X,Y (separated by commas, where “X” and “Y” are dimensions of choice)



Invoice Date = invoice_date


Date = date

Day of Week = day_of_week

Month = month

Week = week

Year = year


Compute Usage Type = compute_usage_type

Instance Category = instance_category

Instance Family = instance_family

Instance Size = instance_size

Instance Type = instance_type

Transaction Type = transaction_type

Usage Type = usage_type


Account ID = vendor_account_identifier

Account Name = vendor_account_name

Availability Zone = region_zone

Item Description = item_description

Payer Account ID = account_identifier

Product Code = service_key

Product Name = service_name

Region = region

Seller = seller

Vendor = vendor

Zone= zone


Cost Metrics - &metrics=X,Y (separated by commas, where X and Y are metrics of choice)



Blended Rate = blended_rate

Cost Before Taxes = cost_before_tax

Credits = credits

Taxes = taxes

Total Invoiced Costs = invoiced_cost

Unblended Cost = unblended_cost

Unblended Rate = unblended_rate


Data Transferred = bytes_transferred

GB Hours = byte_hours

GB Months = gb_months

I/O Requests = io_requests

IOPS Months = iops

On Demand Hours = on_demand_hours

Reserved Hours = reserved_hours

Reserved Utilization Rate = reserved_utilization_rate

Usage Hours = usage_hours

Requests = requests

Usage Quantity = usage_quantity

Usage Rate = usage_rate

Usage Dimension - &dimensions=X,Y (separated by commas, where “X” and “Y” are dimensions of choice)



Availability Zone = region_zone

CPU Clock Speed = clock_speed

Current State = instance_state

Instance Category = instance_category

Instance ID = instance_identifier

Instance Name = instance_name

Instance Type = instance_size

Processor Architecture = processor_architecture

Region = region

Zone = availability_zone


DNS Name = dns_name

IP Address = ip_address

Private DNS Name = private_dns_name

Private IP = private_ip_address

Subnet ID = subnet


Architecture = architecture

OS = operating_system

Virtualization = virtualization_type


Date = date

Day = day

Day of Week = day_of_week

Hour = hour

Launch Date = launch_date

Launch Day = launch_day

Launch Day of Week = launch_day_of_week

Launch Month = launch_month

Launch Time = launch_time

Launch Week = launch_week

Launch Year = launch_year

Month = month

Week = week

Year = year


Days Alive = days_since_launch

Storage Type = storage_type


AMI = image

Account ID = vendor_account_identifier

Account Name = vendor_account_name

Security Group ID’s = security_group_id

Security Groups Names = security_group_name

Usage Metrics - &metrics=X,Y (separated by commas where “X” and “Y” are metrics of choice)


Estimated Cost (On-Demand)

AVG Estimated Cost = avg_estimated_cost

AVG Hourly Cost = avg_estimated_hourly_cost

AVG Hourly Cost Per Instance = avg_estimated_hourly_cost_per_instance

Estimated Total Cost = estimated_cost


AVG CPU Utilization = avg_cpu_utilization

Bandwidth In = inbound_bandwidth

Bandwidth Out = outbound_bandwidth

Memory = memory

Storage = storage


Hours Since Launch = hours_since_launch


AVG Running Instances Per Hour = avg_running_instances_per_hour

Disk Access = total_disk_bytes

Disk I/O = total_disk_ops

Disk Read Access = disk_read_bytes

Disk Read I/O = disk_read_ops

Disk Write Access = disk_write_bytes

Disk Write I/O = disk_write_ops

Launched Instances = launched_instances

Running Instances = running_instances

Storage Devices = num_attached_storage

Total Bandwidth = total_bandwidth

Utilization Hours = utilization_hours

Utilization Rate = utilization_rate

Account Groups Dimensions for Cost & Usage -


Account Group Name 1 = group_name1


Tag Dimensions Cost & Usage -


Tag Value 1 = tag1

Tag Key 1 = tagkey1

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