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Vlog: How to calculate AWS blended and unblended rates

When you have linked accounts within a Consolidated Billing account family, AWS includes something called a “blended rate” in your billing reports. The blended rates that AWS calculates for each of your usage types can be challenging to interpret. But, misunderstanding their significance can be costly, which is why it’s important that you understand how they work.

In this video, Cloudability Technical Account Manager Mike McCullough will walk you through the basics of blended and unblended rates. 

After watching the video, check out our follow-up video on understanding the injected line item. Then, try out these Cloudability reports to see the blended and unblended rate in action: 

Blended vs. unblended cost

Compute - Unblended rate by usage type

Compute - Rate and cost by usage type

Reserved Instances - Purchase cost vs. waste cost

Reserved Instances - Monthly upfront usage analytics

Reserved Instances - Heavy/partial usage analytics


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