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Learn how to use Cloudability and get the most out of our cloud cost management tool

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Getting started with Cloudability

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As a new Cloudability user, you have a lot of exploring to do. These videos and guides will walk you through managing your cloud spending efficiently.


Build your first report

You can monitor your AWS spending and usage using any number of custom-built Cloudability reports or Dashboards. Try one out by building your first cost or usage report. 

Check out our full walkthroughs of using Cost and Usage Analytics and Utilization Analytics to learn more about building reports. 


Share and subscribe

Using the "share" and "subscribe" features on one of your new reports can ensure that your data gets seen by the right people at the right time.  

Learn more about report sharing and subscriptions with our walkthrough


Customize your Dashboard

Now that you've got some experience using metrics, dimensions, and filters to build cost and usage reports, you can pick your favorites to build a fully customizable Dashboard. 

Learn about all you can do with the Dashboard in our walkthrough.


Use the Reserved Instance Planner

The Reserved Instance Planner analyzes your AWS usage and recommends opportunities for saving with EC2 Reserved Instances.

Learn more about using the Planner with our walkthrough.


Register for training

We offer free training sessions regularly to make sure our users are getting the most out of Cloudability possible. Register to join us for a future session to become a Cloudability Power User!

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