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Use Transaction Types to split variable vs. recurring charges

When looking at a large cloud bill, it can sometimes be challenging to determine how much of your spending is due to variable usage (e.g., on-demand instances) as compared to recurring monthly charges (e.g., support and RI hours) vs. one-time charges (e.g., RI sign up charges).

The Transaction Type dimension allows you to break out spending into the following categories:

- Usage charges (e.g., on-demand instance usage, storage and data transfer)

- Recurring charge (e.g., support and monthly prepaid RI hours)

- One time charges (e.g., RI sign up charges)

- Credits (e.g., discounts)

- Taxes (e.g., VAT or regional taxes)

By adding the dimension to a Dashboard Widget you can see how your charges breakdown over the time period selected:

You can add Transaction Type as a dimension to Cost Analytics reports. Sample report:

Drill into any of these charges by adding related Dimensions like Product Name or Compute Usage Type. Sample report:

Finally, be sure to set your Preferences around excluding certain types of spending from your Cloudability cloud spending summary emails.

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