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S3 Detailed Cost Reporting

To get a breakdown of AWS S3 costs in your account, start by adding a report filter for "Service Name = AWS S3". For help with filters, read about adding filters.

We recommend you also customize the report to include the Service Name, Usage Type and Item Description dimensions and the Total Invoiced Cost, Blended Rate and Usage Quantity metrics to get the most detail. Sample report:

Here are is an overview of popular Dimensions and Metrics and our complete Dimensions and Metrics Glossary.

S3 Tier Requests

AWS Billing for S3 Requests is broken into three tiers that indicate the type of request:

Tier 1 = PUT, COPY, POST, or LIST requests

Tier 2 = GET and other requests

Tier 3 = Glacier Archive and Restore Requests

Tagging Your S3 Buckets

If you tag your S3 buckets with a name then costs will be associated with that tag. This includes S3 storage costs, Tier 1-3 requests, and data transfer. Cloudability will report an individual line item for each distinct tag value if you add the Tag as a report dimension. Read more about AWS tagging strategy.


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