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Excluding certain types of spending

With the introduction of Transaction Types as a Cloudability dimension, you have the option to exclude certain types of charges from your cloud spending summary emails. If you select any of the types they will not show up in your total spending for the month nor will they be factored into your end of month estimates.

The options are:

- Usage charges (e.g., on-demand instance usage, storage and data transfer)

- Recurring charge (e.g., support and monthly prepaid RI hours)

- One time charges (e.g., RI sign up charges)

- Credits (e.g., discounts)

- Taxes (e.g., VAT or regional taxes)

- Rounding line items (i.e., the line items that AWS adds to the Detailed Billing Report files to account for line item rounding)

To adjust these settings go to your Preferences page.

You can also use Transaction Types to split your spending between variable usage and recurring charges in your Cost reports.

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