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Building an "AWS cost by tag" report

This article will help you set up an AWS cost by tag report in Cloudability.  Use this feature to split your Amazon spending by client, cost center or application.

1) Before getting started, you must tell AWS which tags you want to include in your cost data. You can do this in the AWS Billing Preferences.

You must select the tags you want to be included in your cost data.

2) Tell Cloudability which tags you want to use on the Cloudability Tag Mapping page.

3) Create a Custom Report in Cloudability's AWS Cost Analytics.

  • Select Add a Dimension, go to Tags, and pick a tag.  
  • Next select Add a Metric, go to Costs, and pick Total invoiced costs.

If an existing tag is mapped, it will only show from the beginning of the current month. 

(See also: Why am I seeing "not set" in AWS Tag reports?)


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