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Accounts (Account Groups)

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Accounts and Account Groups let you edit and group the accounts that you access with Cloudability. 

In this section, we'll cover:

  1. The Account Management page
  2. Editing Groups
  3. Editing Accounts
  4. Sorting Accounts


1. The Account Management page


When you first navigate to the page, you'll see all of the accounts that you access with Cloudability listed by name (as it appears in Cloudability), number, and vendor.


2. Editing Groups

Groups are used to categorize your accounts according to different variables. You can designate what these groups are by clicking the Edit Groups button on the Account Management page. 


This will bring up a pane where you can designate the key values for your groups; you might, for example, have groups called "Region," "Product," and "Department." This will allow you to categorize individual accounts according to which region, product, and department they're associated with. 



3. Editing Accounts

You can click the "Edit" button next to any account to edit the name, and assign them to groups.    


You can edit these details for multiple accounts at once by selecting them with the check box, then clicking the Edit Multiple. 




4. Sorting Accounts

You can sort your accounts by Account, Account Number, and Vendor using these drop-down menus at the top of the screen. This example is sorted by vendor as it is highlighted in Blue.


You can also search for accounts individually using the "Find Accounts" search navigator.



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