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Subscription-based alerts

Setting up subscription-based alerts will let you know whenever your data exceeds a defined threshold. This can be whenever you’re at risk of going over your allocated spend, whenever an instance is spun up without a tag, whenever your RI coverage rate falls below a floor, whenever CPU spikes outside of a known boundary (any threshold-based alert you need).

You can do so by building and scheduling a Cost or Utilization Report that will only be delivered, as an example, when the cost of a certain tag value (such as “department=QA” or “environment=staging”) exceeds a set amount of dollars.

The "Send Report Even If There is No Content" functionality can turn a report subscriptions into an Alert if it is not checked:

To build a report that’ll serve as a budget alert by tag, generate a new Cost Report. Select “Account Name” and “X” as your Dimensions, where X is your desired tag key. Then select “Cost (Total)” as your Metric. Finally, apply these filters where X is once more your desired tag key, Y is your desired tag value, and Z is your desired budget:

  • X = Y
  • Cost (Total) > $Z

For example:

  • Application (value) = frontend
  • Cost (Total) > $10,000.00

When subscribing to this report, leave the “send report even if there is no content” box unchecked. Now the report will only be sent when your spending exceeds your allotted budget.

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