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New Report Management Interface & Per-User Sharing

These new features are available in the Cost Analytics and Usage Analytics sections of Cloudability.

Full-width reporting interface

Your data and charts now scale to the full-width of your screen allowing for a better experience on large monitors.

Centralized report management

One page provides easy access to delete, export and star your reports. Admins have the ability to edit or delete any report shared to them, regardless of owner.  A search box has been added to make finding reports faster.

 A search box has been added to make finding reports faster.

Star reports to customize left sidebar

Each user can now choose specifically which reports show in their left reporting sidebar. Unstar a report to hide it and easily retrieve later from the report management page.

Per-User Sharing Permissions

Share to individual users and/or the entire organization with either view or edit access. Individual users receive an email notification when a report is explicitly shared to them.

Four dimensions and four metrics at once

With the additional real estate that the full-width format brings, we've increased the maximum number of dimension and metrics each report can use.

If you have any questions about our latest updates, or have any ideas about improvements that we should tackle next, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success team!

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