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7 Steps to AWS Cost Visibility with Cloudability

These are the basic steps to get AWS data flowing into Cloudability, setup basic reports and begin getting better visibility into your cloud spending.   

1. Connect your accounts

Amazon Web Services (AWS): By giving Cloudability a read-only credential, Cloudability will pull cost/usage data from the master payer account.

Microsoft Azure Enterprise: By giving Cloudability a read-only credential through the Enrollment ID & API Access Key, Cloudability will pull cost/usage data.  

2. Add usage data for each linked account (AWS)

If you're using AWS Consolidated Billing and have any linked accounts, you'll need to add a usage credential for each linked account.  This is crucial for accurate Reserved Instance recommendations and complete usage reports.


3. Enable Tags at AWS

By default AWS does not include your tags in the billing files. You need to enable each tag at AWS for the data to reach Cloudability.

Take a break here. It may take 6-8 hours for data to become available. Cloudability checks hourly for the data but the update schedule from AWS can vary.  You can also contact us and we'll walk you through the next steps.  If data is available, continue on...

4. Customize a cost report

Start with a default cost report and click "Customize Report" to display the dimensions/metrics you want (try adding tags for example).  Then hit "Save" and click the "Share" button to get a short URL.


5. Find underutilized instances

Start with the underutilized instances report and adjust the filters (or add more dimensions, like tags) to match the levels you want.  Action this list by re-sizing instances or turning off unneeded ones.


6. Save with the Reserved Instance Planner

Reserved Instances are a commonly underutilized way to save lots of money. The Reserved Instance Planner tells you where you can find savings with RIs including recommendations to buy, sell or transfer them based on actual usage.


7. Invite more users to share reports

Unlimited users are included with Cloudability Pro accounts. Add users to share insights with everyone in your organization. They will begin receiving daily spend reports and get access to the reports you've shared.


There are millions of permutations of reports you can build with Cloudability, contact us and we'll help you build the reports you need.
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