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Smarter AWS Reserved Instance tools, Short URLs & Relative date ranges (Feature update 1/10/14)

The AWS Reserved Instance Planner quickly became one of our most popular features after it’s release in Q4. We've been busy over the holidays adding enhancements to it as well as report sharing functionality, relative date range selection and a better column editing interface. 

Heavy, Medium, Light reservation recommendations together

Recommendations for light, medium, and heavy recommendations have been merged for each instance type into a single screen and visualization.

AWS Reserved Instance break evens, amortized costs, and savings

You can now see break-even points, savings percentages, and amortized monthly costs on reserved instance recommendations as well as consolidated recommendations for light, medium and heavy.

Filter recommendations by consolidated or linked account

A new Account dropdown lets you filter recommendations to just the primary or consolidated billing accounts you like.

Short URLs for sharing with other users

It’s now easier than ever to share cost and usage reports with your colleagues. Use the Share option on any report to generate a custom short link that you can share your reporting insights with any other Users in your Cloudability account. 

Select dynamic date ranges like month to date

The Analytics date picker now gives you more default relative date ranges to select from including Month to Date and the last full month (e.g., December in this screenshot).

Edit all columns for faster custom reports

We’ve heard from a number of customers that the process of adding dimensions and metrics to cost and usage reports could be a bit clunky.  Our latest release reveals a new column editor that allows you to simultaneously edit all of your desired dimensions and metrics. This means more data, faster.  Click Edit Columns on any report to try it out.

If you have any questions about our latest updates or have any ideas about improvements that we should tackle next, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success team!

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