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Troubleshoot Billing Access Credentials

If you are still not seeing any cost data after setting up Programmatic Access at AWS and adding it to Cloudability, here are a few things you may want to troubleshoot: 

1) Insufficient permissions error? You need to generate a new set of access keys *after* you've applied the security policy to the user.  This is due to a peculiarity with AWS's policy system that may not apply the policy to existing keys.  Go to the IAM Console Users page, click Security Credentials and Create Access Key.  Then go back to the Cloudability credentials page, click "Add another Amazon Account" and enter the new access keys.

2) Is the S3 bucket name you gave us correct?  Keep in mind it is case-sensitive and the name in the IAM security policy must match the one designated on the AWS Billing Preferences page.

3) Are the correct billing files in your S3 bucket? You want to have the Cost Allocation Report & Detailed Billing Report with Resources and Tags enabled. Navigate to your Programmatic Billing Access S3 bucket (designated on the AWS Billing Preferences page) and make sure you see files that say something like "acctnumber-aws-cost-allocation-date.csv" or". 

If you do not, then you still need to set up Programmatic Billing Access at AWS and turn on Cost Allocation Report & Detailed Billing Report with Resources and Tags.  Still not there? See #4 and #5 below.

4) Recently turned on Programmatic Access? If you have just enabled Programmatic Access in the last few hours, AWS may not have yet put a file in the bucket.  This can take up to 24 hours from the time you enable the feature at AWS. 

5) Are you using the Consolidated Billing Master Payer account?  Programmatic Billing Access rolls up to the master payer account so linked accounts will not get the necessary files in the S3 Bucket. You'll need to add the Master Payer account—with Programmatic Billing Access enabled—to Cloudability.

Still not working? Contact Support and we'd be happy to help or do a screenshare to get you up and running.

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