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Cloudability now utilizes rolling averages to calculate estimates

Cloudability now utilizes rolling averages to calculate estimates. This approach has proven to be the most accurate across all users for predicting spend. As a result, we have discontinued our legacy predictor which used a variety of daily and monthly calculations to derive predictions.

Cloudability defaults to a 30-day rolling average. However, you can change the window of the rolling average to any value between 1 and 90 days in Preferences.

If you have rapidly increasing spend, shortening the window of the rolling average may increase the accuracy of the prediction. If your spend is highly volatile, increasing the number of days in the rolling average can smooth out spikes and make the prediction more accurate. The estimate will become more accurate as the month progresses.

Additionally, the estimate is affected by gaps in data which can be caused by adding an account midway through a month, your credentials expiring, or an outage in a partner billing portal. We will try to notify you if one of these events happens.

On the dashboard and in the daily email, Cloudability also displays the trailing rolling average based on the number of days specified in preferences. The number is compared to the prior day’s rolling average and the percentage difference is displayed. This number can help you understand trending and how that may affect your monthly spend.

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