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Workload Placement

Workload Placement helps you find the optimal location for a task.

  1. Specify a workload and we'll identify candidate instances with sufficient disk, memory and cpu capacity (including much larger but inexpensive instances).
  2. We've developed sophisticated machine learning models trained on hundreds of millions of hours of historical pricing data to predict which spot pools offer the greatest combination of stability and savings over the duration of the workload.
  3. We also check for any unused RIs and reflect any custom pricing agreements you have calibrated within Cloudability to make sure you're paying the optimal price for a particular workload.




  • Baseline Cost* - The total cost with the least expensive On-Demand instances that satisfy the workload constraints.
  • Purchase Type - "Spot" when we find instances that meet baseline stability requirements, "Reserved" when we see unused RIs and "On-Demand" otherwise.
  • Count - How many of the specified instances you would need to satisfy your workload.
  • Duration - We support workload durations up to 12 hours. Beyond that, there is too much volatility in the spot market to make confident predictions.
  • Bid Price* - We always recommend bidding the On-Demand rate when buying spot instances. For non-Spot recommendations, this will be blank.
  • Hourly Rate*  - For Spot recommendations, this is based on recent pricing trends. For unused RIs, the hourly rate is 0.0 since the marginal cost of using an otherwise idle RI is zero.
  • Savings*  - Approximate savings for a particular instance type, relative to the Baseline Cost. Note that in the UI we only return recommendations with non-negative savings.
  • Confidence - Likelihood that a particular instance will remain available for the specified duration.
  • Overprovision Factor - When looking at larger than necessary Spot instances, this represents the most you could pay relative to the Baseline Cost. Typically, customers prefer to use instances where value this is less than 1.5 or 2.0.

* These will values reflect any custom pricing agreements you have calibrated within Cloudability.


Why don't I see any spot recommendations?

Some regions have fewer instance types available. Also, our model relies on recent pricing data so if AWS doesn't return up-to-date spot prices, we will default to on-demand recommendations. 


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