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Setup Utilization Stage 1: Enable utilization metrics collection

Set up for Azure Rightsizing with our platform is a three-stage process. First, enable utilization metrics collection for all subscriptions, if you have not done so already. Second, permit Cloudability to access resource information needed to build the Rightsizing model. Third, permit Cloudability to access memory utilization metrics.

Stage 1: Enable utilization metrics collection

Stage 2: Enable access to resource information

Stage 3: Enable access to utilization metrics


Stage 1: Enable the following Guest VM utilization metrics per VM needed for our Azure Rightsizing model.


\Processor Information(_Total)\% Processor Time
\Processor Information(_Total)\% User Time
\Memory\Available Bytes
\Memory\Committed Bytes
\LogicalDisk(_Total)\Disk Read Bytes/sec
\LogicalDisk(_Total)\Disk Write Bytes/sec
\LogicalDisk(_Total)\% Free Space
\LogicalDisk(_Total)\Free Megabytes
\Network Interface(*)\Bytes Sent/sec
\Network Interface(*)\Bytes Received/sec
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